We have two passports each- Gashumba’s daughter


The Ministry of Defence yesterday paraded outspoken government critic, Frank Gashumba to the media, accusing him of impersonating the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, possessing drugs and obtaining money by false pretence.

The UPDF deputy spokesperson, Lt.Deo Akiiki also claimed Gashumba was found with fake passports, parading them for the media.

However, in a video missive on social media, Gashumba’s daughter, Sheilla dismissed allegations of drugs and fake passports. Stating that the family does not have any history of dealing in drugs.

“My father is the one who has been going around telling people not to do drugs, how can he be the one dealing in them? We have no history in the entire family of any one doing drugs because we know the dangers, so it is false and aimed at spoiling my father’s image,” she said.

On the part of having multiple passports, Sheilla Gashumba insists that they each have two passports.

“When I was younger, I was called Sheilla Carol Nyinabashumba, but when I started working on TV at 8 years, Nyinabashumba was a long name so we had to change it to Gashumba. So I have two passports, the older one and the one I use now. So does my dad,” she said.

She also added that they both travel and present both passports at different airports.


A closer look at the passports

The two passports seen by Nile Post have the following features;

Different Images; One of the images in the passports has Gashumba with mouth agape. It is highly unlikely of a passport image.

Different dates of birth: The first passport shows that Frank Gashumba was born on December 3, 1973. Whereas the other passport indicates he was born on August 15, 1968. The dates of birth would never change irrespective.

Meanwhile on the official Facebook page where Sheila Gashumba released her missive, it shows that her dad was born on January 3, 1973.

Places of birth: The first passport indicates that Gashumba was born in Villa Maria, in Masaka, where as the other shows he was born in Namasuba, along Entebbe road.

Dates of Issue;

Sheilla Gashumba says that the change in passports came when she started working on TV. She adds that she started working on TV aged eight years.

Sheilla according to an interview with the new vision published on July 24, 2013 was born on February 7, 1996.

Going by her words, she started working aged 8, that is in 2004. And that is when they thought of changing names on passports.

However, the first passport displayed yesterday shows it was issued September 7, 2011, while the other with original names was issued December 3, 2012.

Passport Numbers

Gashumba Franco Malingumu has passport number ( B0958085) and Ssenyondo Frank Disans(no. B0892687).

 Nile Post however, has not looked at the two passports alleged to be possessed by Sheilla Gashumba.

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