From school debater to TV host: The rise of Bavis MC

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From school debater to TV host: The rise of Bavis MC
NBS TV's MC Bavis

Bavis MC, a rising star in Ugandan media, discovered his passion for public speaking during his senior four year at Elite High School.

It all began with a nerve-wracking school debate, but despite his initial jitters, Bavis delivered his speech and sparked a journey that would lead him to become a TV host.

During his advanced-level studies, Bavis faced a pivotal moment when he sought to join the Interact Club, but high membership fees led him and his peers to establish their club, the Youth Alive Club, in 2020.

As the spokesperson for this new club, Bavis honed his public speaking skills, organized events like the popular Color Fest, and established himself as a leading event organizer within the school.

His growing reputation and leadership skills earned him the position of Head Boy at Elite High School for the 2021-2022 academic year.

During his tenure, Bavis gained media exposure through various television appearances, representing his school in different capacities.

He continued to organise teenage parties during holidays, expanding his audience and experience in event management.

A chance encounter with Phocus, a producer at NBS TV, during a school activation led to an invitation to join the Youth Voice show on NBS TV.

This bold decision proved transformative, and after a year of training at NBS TV, Bavis secured a contract with the station in 2024.

Today, Bavis's story is a testament to hope for aspiring young communicators and event organizers, demonstrating that with hard work and determination, dreams can indeed become a reality.

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