Ronnie McVex hangs his boots on the Tranzit

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Ronnie McVex hangs his boots on the Tranzit
Ronnie McVexx during his time on the Tranzit show .

Mr. Good News, Ronnie McVex, a name synonymous with the Tranzit on Next Radio calls it curtains on his evening show. This comes after 5 years and 7 months of nonstop dedication to delivering BIG HITS and filling our afternoons with knowledge, laughter, and fun.

Being a pioneer of the station he is weaved into the DNA of 106.1 Next Radio and has championed its growth over the years striking wonderful partnerships and chemistry with all his co-hosts.

Ronnie has worked with an array of magical talent on the Tranzit along his journey including, Karitas, Smart, Hakeem The Dream, DJ Slick Stuart, Martha Kay, and last but not least James Peterson.

James Peterson, his former co-host, will be holding it down on the Tranzit with new his new partner Timothy Code, emulating and standing on the shoulders of the ever-so-reliable Ronnie McVex, with whom, they struck a unique partnership that made the Tranzit listeners feel like family.

Speaking on his departure from the Tranzit, "Now to you who were there for me to support me, I want to appreciate you. Thank you very much. To those of you who at some point had to criticize me, I also want to appreciate you because it made me grow into a better person. Now going forward, I understand when it gets to that time, I need to create some space. It is so sad. I feel it in my heart, but it has to be done. I want to, appreciate Next Media. Thank you very much for the support that you rendered. And from me to you, I will forever be very grateful" said Ronnie.

What next for Ronnie McVex, Mr Good News? Is there more good news in store?!

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