Beera Steady has become a catalyst for change amid banking fraud in Uganda, says new poll

Beera Steady has become a catalyst for change amid banking fraud in Uganda, says new poll
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Recent banking frauds have shaken Uganda and have led to mistrust in the banking sector.

A dynamic communication agency, Next Com, has conducted a revealing online poll, showing that over 83% had heard of banking fraud in the past year, and 65% had been victims or knew someone who had fallen prey to these scams. Trust in the banking system is eroding.

Next Com scrutinized the "Beera Steady" campaign, which focused on raising awareness, educating, and promoting responsible banking practices.

Impressively, 70% of respondents knew about the campaign, with 75% learning about it from TV ads and 18% from social media.

The impact was profound, as 60% understood the campaign's message, and 57% found it highly effective in changing their approach to banking fraud.

Uganda's citizens demanded action, with 89% believing financial institutions should launch more awareness campaigns and 73.2% feeling that banks were insufficiently protecting their customers.

"Beera Steady" increased awareness and empowered people to spot potential scams, with 67% confidence in their ability. However, 26% admitted they lacked the knowledge to identify scams.

These poll results are a call to action.

With public support and a commitment to education and awareness, Uganda is moving towards a safer and more trustworthy banking environment.

"Beera Steady" has ignited a spark, showing the power of communication and education in safeguarding financial well-being. Uganda is becoming more secure, one informed decision at a time.

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