This year’s Kabaka birthday run set for early April

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This year’s Kabaka birthday run set for early April
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The 11th edition of the Kabaka birthday run is set to be held on April,7, 2024, Buganda Kingdom and Airtel Uganda have announced.

The Kabaka birthday run has become a hallmark event on Airtel Uganda and the country's annual calendar in celebration of the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, birthday which champions noble causes that resonate with the community.

Just like the previous year, this year’s theme, “Ending HIV/AIDs by 2030”, reflects the collective efforts to fight one of the most pressing global health challenges.

Speaking during the launch of the run at Bulange, Mengo, Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali, challenged Ugandans to join in on the marathon for the betterment of our communities.

“This year, as we lace up for the Kabaka Birthday Run, let's run for a cause close to our hearts, ending HIV/AIDS. Together, let's channel the spirit of community and run in solidarity with those affected by this global epidemic. Proceeds from the run will directly support the fight against HIV/AIDS, aligning with the theme "Ending HIV/AIDS by 2030. This theme embodies our collective vision of a world free from HIV/AIDS and serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness, mobilize resources, and champion action towards achieving this goal,”Murali said.

Last year’s edition of the Kabaka birthday run saw over 100,000 kits to participants and was rated as one of the most successful marathons.

Speaking on Tuesday, Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga spoke into the vision the Kingdom has for the initiative.

“Our vision is to bring about social and economic transformation for the people in the kingdom and for Uganda. We want our people to have a happy and decent livelihood, but the major factor that is going to determine social and economic transformation is health, especially that of the ordinary person because it is the ordinary person that contributes significantly to the growth of any country. We therefore join the efforts of the international community, UN AIDS, Uganda AIDS Commission, and all people involved in promoting our health in the fight against HIV AIDS. And we should all be happy because the Kabaka is a good ambassador for the African continent.”

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