Kenzo: My presence could have ruined Rema's concert

Kenzo: My presence could have ruined Rema's concert
Kenzo and Rema

Singer Edrisa Muzuuza alias Eddy Kenzo, has clarified his absence from Rema Namakula's highly anticipated concert held at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Despite actively supporting the Ngonze singer through his social media, the Big Talent boss chose not to attend the event, citing his intention to avoid diverting attention away from Rema's performance.

Kenzo who is also the president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation(UNMF) expressed concerns that his presence would overshadow Rema, who deserved to be the centre of attention on her special day.

Recognising the significance of the concert.

"I always think twice before I act. I didn't think it would have made sense for me to physically attend Rema's show, as it might have shifted the cameras and attention onto me, detracting from the main aim of the event. I didn't want to sabotage her show because, at the end of the day, I'm a beneficiary," said the singer.

Rema and Kenzo had been together for approximately six years before their public breakup in 2019.

Recently, in an interview, Rema disclosed that the separation had occurred two years before its public revelation, which had been kept under wraps by those close to her.

The Tonyt hitmaker had moved in with Kenzo in 2013 after severing ties with her former boss and music manager, Bebe Cool.

During their relationship, Kenzo fathered their daughter, Aamal Musuuza.

On the other hand, Rema expressed her desire for their daughter to stay away from the entertainment industry.

She emphasized that Kenzo was the only artist she had dated and stated.

Rema eventually left Kenzo for Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, whom she introduced to her relatives in a grand ceremony held in Nabbingo on Masaka Road in November 2019.

Businessman Godfrey Kirumira served as the chairman of the introduction ceremony.

On the other hand Rema's concert, titled "Melodies of Love," held at Sheraton Kampala Gardens, was a spectacular affair that successfully delivered a captivating musical experience.

Organized by West Records Uganda Limited, the show lived up to its name, showcasing an enchanting production design and heartfelt music.

Rema's performance effortlessly conveyed the beauty of love, particularly her strong bond with her husband, Hamza Sebunya.

The couple's chemistry was evident, especially during Rema's rendition of "Akafe Che," performed in a bedroom-themed setting that adorned one corner of the stage.

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