Uganda Tourism Board doing a bad job at promoting Uganda- Museveni

Nelson Bwire Kapo

President Museveni has said that despite Uganda’s uniqueness and massive potential at attracting tourists, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), has failed to do its job of marketing and attracting tourists.

Museveni made the statements while passing out 487 wildlife ranger recruits at Paraa Ranger Training School, Purongo Sub-county, Nwoya District.

The president said Uganda has a lot of potential from its natural resources but there is a general lack of efficient marketing which falls directly under UTB.

“The UTB has not been doing a good job, I don’t know why. You find other countries Which have nothing to show, attracting more tourists. Therefore, that area of promotion is still weak. If you hired me as promoter for just six months you will see the results,” he said.

“The UTB and our embassies should market our country’s uniqueness. We must work towards increasing the numbers of tourists visiting Uganda from the current two million annually,” he added.

Museveni also took a swipe at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for failure to recruit more tourists and in turn generate revenue to facilitate their activities rather than ask government for funding.

According to Museveni, UWA could do more to raise money it is asking from government to refurbish tourist attractions that it manages which in turn would attract more visitors.

UWA ED Sam Mwandah said the Authority is doing all they can to raise funds from internal activities.

Museveni also called for the tightening of laws against poaching in order to curb the vice since they are a threat to success.

“When you go in the park to poach, instead of killing you, we should put you in prison for 15 years so that by the time you come out, people have forgotten about you.”

“The laws against poaching should be strengthened. I am also glad to learn that you have introduced dogs at the airport to sniff ivory. I have instructed the Uganda Revenue Authority to acquire scanners which can look through all vehicles at the borders.”

Museveni promised look for money to erect the electric fence where it is possible to do so in order to avoid conflict between animals and human beings around game and national parks.








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