Kagezi killers miscalculated, says Museveni

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Kagezi killers miscalculated, says Museveni
President Museveni at Kololo on Thursday.

President Museveni has said the killers of former assistant director of public prosecutions, Joan Kagezi miscalculated this move.

“In this case, killers of Kagezi thought they were smart. They thought were smart but miscalculated and now we have them. Many of those who sent them from DRC are dead since we have been attacking them,” Museveni said.

The president was on Thursday speaking during the 7th Joan Kagezi Memorial lecture at Kololo Independence grounds organized by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Kagezi was shot by unknown gunmen in March 2015 in Kiwatule, as she drove home.

Last year, four men suspected of having masterminded the murder were arraigned before court and charged over murder.

Speaking on Wednesday, President Museveni said it was a miscalculated move for Kagezi’s killers whom he said operate like HIV.

“This(Kagezi) is a lady who apparently got threats from some terrorists who sent her messages that if you don’t stop prosecuting us seriously, we shall harm you. She said she couldn’t be compromised. The way crime works is like the virus of AIDS which has taken time to get cure or even vaccine and this is because it invades the defence system of the body which should be protecting the body,” Museveni said.

“That is what corrupt people do. They demand to take over investigative parts of the state and adjudicating parts of the state to compromise the CID, DPP and the judiciary then you have impunity. You end up like some of the countries in South America like Ecuador.”

The president hailed Kagezi for her bravely to shrug off threats from “terrorists” who wanted her to loosen her stance on prosecuting them.

“It seems they were trying this with some other people but Joan refused. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about this and it is why she was killed. We are remembering Joan because she stood for the truth. She is a freedom fighter,” Museveni said.

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among described the late Joan Kagezi as a beacon of justice a guardian of rule of law and a fearless warrior who diligently handled very serious cases before her assassination in 2015.

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