Now that I have left, FDC will know who the real mole is – Muntu

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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A few days after officially announcing that he had parted ways with the party, former Forum for Democratic Change president Maj.Gen.Mugisha Muntu has said members will now know who the real mole is.

Since his days at the party president, Muntu has been branded as being planted by government within the opposition and the notion became more pronounced when he officially declared leaving the biggest opposition party.

Addressing a news conference at Hotel Africana on Thursday, Muntu said he is never interested in whatever people say about him adding that he focuses on principles that he cherishes.

“There was no time I was not called a mole. Even when we were in the bush, they didn’t trust me. Commanders had to put me under surveillance until they realized I was genuine,”Muntu said in response to a question from a journalist.

“Even in FDC I have been branded the same but if there is will of God, there is going to be a time when people will be shocked to know who the real moles are.”

The former FDC president said there was no need of him leaving the party if indeed he had been planted by government to destabilize it adding that he would better spy on them while still within the party.

Muntu insisted that he has a core principle of being honest, noting that he would not waste his valuable time to spy his fellow opposition members and then leave unceremoniously.

“Why would I go through all that if I was a mole? If I was on a mission, I would remain in FDC so it does not gain stability.”

He wondered what he would be looking for as a mole, citing the time he was the army commander who could have amassed a lot of wealth if that is what he wanted.

Muntu added that he at one time turned down a ministerial position from President Museveni to show he was not determined to fall for anything or serve in the ruling NRM government.

Launches new political group

Muntu said he will now form a new political group which he said will be announced before Christmas to join other opposition forces seeking to cause regime change in Uganda.

“Our commitment to a united opposition is more real and we shall keep our dialogue real.”

According to Muntu, the new political group will not work in isolation but together as opposition as they continue to fight the common enemy.

“We hope to launch the new formation before December 25, 2018 and we are calling upon all like thinking Ugandans to join us,” he noted before adding that no single party can rescue the country from the dangerous path it is treading on because the political space is shrinking day by day as well as the patience of Ugandans.

Muntu however downplayed the notion that he is power hungry, noting that he is always willing to pave way for others to lead.






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