New education tab targets pupils, teachers in rural areas

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

, Education

A new education tab that includes curriculum aligned lesson guides, notes, workbooks, assessment tests, exams and digitised text books has been launched in a bid to help improve education especially in rural areas.

The Kaino tab, a product of Kaino Africa Limited was on Tuesday afternoon launched at a function held at the Skyz hotel in Kampala.

Speaking at the function, Alfred Opio, a founder and CEO at Kaino said that with the education sector faced by challenges including teaching capacity gaps, inadequate budgetary resources and crowded classrooms, there is need for a solution to try address the challenges.

“Schools especially in rural areas have not been assisted in education but with the Kaino education tab, teachers, parents and pupils can assist themselves easily,”Opio said.

“Schools can join the program and be provided with the tabs that would help track teachers’ performance and can help them prepare for lessons. Teachers get curriculum aligned plans auto synched with the school time table.”

The new tab officials would be used to address teacher absenteeism through the geo-fencing technology which allows the system to automatically get alerted whenever a teacher enters and leaves the classroom.

According to officials, the Kaino education tab can save parents a great deal in money spent on buying textbooks for their children by getting them in one place at an affordable price and from renowned publishers.

Cedric Namakoola, the company’s Chief Administrative Officer said the new e-learning system can be used by pupils or students for their self -assessment through tests and exams.

Rural areas

Statistics indicate that the percentage of students at all the three levels of PLE, UCE and UACE that fail exams is higher in rural schools than the case is in urban schools.

According to officials from Kaino, their tabs will be given out freely to schools that enrol to the system and each student (pupil) would be required to pay only shs3000($1) per term to be able to use the Kaino education tab making it affordable even to pupils in the rural areas.

The new tab has a provision of being used without internet whereas its battery lasts for two weeks once fully charged making it user friendly to rural settings.

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