Nambooze to sue government over life threatening torture

Nile Post News

Lawyers representing Mukono municipality member of parliament have given the government up to 45 days to decide on whether they negotiate compensation modalities over harm that has been caused to her at hands of security operatives or be dragged to court.

The lawyers presented their notice of intension to sue to the office of the Attorney General in which Nambooze notes different security organs have subjected her to life threatening treatment.

Samuel Muyizi on behalf of lawyers representing Nambooze presented a notice of intension to sue to the registrar.

In the notice the legislator who was flown out to India for spine related treatment gives government up to 45 days to deliberate on whether they should sit and negotiate how she can be compensated or she pursues a full civil suit.

“It’s a prudent thing to do to notify the other party so that maybe the tax payers money cannot be wasted by us filing a suit.”

Nambooze seeks compensation saying security operatives from police and SFC in September last year during the parliamentary debate to amend the age limit bill and in different scenarios this year subjected her to life threatening and permanent bodily injuries, mental humiliation and psychological torture.

“Yes because this is an irreparable damage, a spine or backbone cannot be replaced, but she believes that some amount that is sufficient can be offered to compensate her,” her lawyer argues.

The legislator who was supposed to be part of a joint suit by different legislators who suffered different injuries at the hands of SFC during a scuffle that ensured during the controversial debate has opted to pursue an independent suit because she has continued to suffer more injuries.

“Recently when she was arrested by the police, the injuries which had been at least treated by the hospital in India were again made worse.”



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