Split in Makerere Student Leadership over University Tuition Increment

Esther Namutamba

Esther Namutamba

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A section of student leadership has opposed the 15% tuition increment proposal claiming that they were never consulted in regard to the issue.

According to the Guild Representative Council (GRC), Mitchel Hall Pius Lubega, the committee that presented this report, betrayed not only them but the entire student body.

‘’We have been betrayed by seven members we sent to represent us in doing the research on whether to increase the tuition,”  said Pius Lubega GRC representative of Mitchell hall.’’

The optimism that was presented yesterday regarding Makerere University Tuition policy, may not stay for long as a section of student leaders remains dissatisfied with the decision that was reached to increase student’s tuition by 15% a move they deem compromised.

‘’We were never consulted the committee we appointed to represent us. They presented a report without the Guild Council Representative consent therefore we disagree with it.’’ ‘’ said Pius Lubega.’’

On July 2nd 2018, the guild leadership and the University council proposed a 15% tuition increment contrary to the university proposal of 49% and 91% increment on specific courses.  This according to the University GRCs is betrayal to the entire student body and a selfish decision.

The GRCs have also questioned the content contained in the report said that, ‘’The proposal is unrealistic and the comparison between Uganda and other countries where the study was conducted was unrealistic given the difference in the political and economic structures of these countries.

‘’The level of economic development in Kenya is higher than that of Uganda in that in Uganda we are still facing unemployment which is not in Kenya. Those universities they consulted have a different funding they give to universities and Uganda also has a different one which they shouldn’t look at, ‘’ said Gamuka Sulait.

They therefore intend to write to management to challenge the decision and have some of the questions answered.

If this fails students vow to boycott all university activities.

‘’We shall boycott all the university activities and if any lecturer steps in class we will tell them to go back and do their own business. GRCs leadership Said.’’

We call upon parents not pay the tuition as of yet until the report is amended and they come up with a conclusive report. ‘’Said Lubega.’’

In April professor Nawangwe suspended the tuition increment pending consultations with the student’s leadership following a two day demonstration by students protesting the fees increment. A committee of seven students from the guild was informed to study the university council’s proposal and make their recommendations.

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