MPs fail to get Nambooze out of hospital, give police ultimatum

Kenneth Kazibwe

Four MPs; Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (Kira Municipality), Moses Kasibante (Rubaga North), Allan Ssewanyana (Makindye West) and Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga on Tuesday stormed Kiruddu hospital to get Betty Nambooze, the ailing Mukono Municipality MP, out but their efforts hit a dead end after police intervened.

Nambooze was arrested and slapped with offensive communication charges in relation to her comments following the gruesome murder of Arua Municipality MP Col.Ibrahim Abiriga.

But she fell ill while in detention prompting police to take her to Kiruddu hospital where she has been admitted for over nine days.

On Monday, FDC spokesperson, Ssemujju Nganda said they had taken a decision to forcefully get her out of Kiruddu so she can be flown to India for further treatment.

And today, the four legislators stormed the hospital but failed to get Nambooze out after police led by Katwe DPC, Frantile Lwamusaayi deployed heavily inside the hospital.

They were told that they could only let the Mukono municipality MP out of hospital on orders of the CID Director AIGP Grace Akullo.

The MPs later stormed the CID headquarters but were told that Akullo was not present before reaching out to her Deputy Godfrey Musana, who was also not in office.

The legislators however issued an ultimatum to police or else they will mobilize people to storm the hospital in big numbers.

“Though Mulago wrote to police, they have refused to let her go for further treatment. We found her situation precarious and could not drag her,”Ssemujju said.

“We have given them(police) an ultimatum of up to Thursday or else we shall ask the public to join us and storm Kiruddu hospital.”

Police respond

However, when asked to comment on the matter, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said Nambooze is in hospital receiving medical attention and not in police cells.

“She is in a medical facility at Kiruddu and the rest of the questions should be put to those taking care of her health in the facility,”Kayima said.

Asked whether Nambooze is currently in detention, the police mouthpiece denied it.

“Those who are detained are confined in a detention centre and she is not. She is in hospital getting medical attention,”Kayima said.

Mulago hospital on Monday said they had cleared Nambooze to fly out to India for further medical treatment.

“In view of the patient’s failure to adequately respond to achieve sustained symptom control, the clinical team strongly recommends that the patient (Nambooze) be reviewed by the operating surgeon as previously recommended by the medical board,”stated a June 20th referral letter by Mulago hospital to Dr. Vidyadhara .S, a consultant spinal surgeon at the Manipal Spine Care Centre in India.

The letter by Mulago was endorsed by Dr Baterana Byarugaba, a senior consultant who serves as the executive director for Mulago.


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