I am busy enjoying leave- Kayihura on arrest

Nelson Bwire Kapo

Former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura, has dispelled rumours that he is under arrest or could have been in the previous hours.

Several journalists and media houses dashed to social media to report that the former police boss had been netted and detained over a litany of issues.

However, the General said he has not been arrested, in fact; “I am disappointed that social media and some media houses are spreading baseless rumours,” when contacted. He said he has so much to do at his farm in Lyantonde.

“I am very busy.  I have visitors on a constant who come for demonstration lessons (at my farm). That’s where my energy is for now. I am surely enjoying my leave,” he said in a telephone conversation with Nile Post.

While Observer Uganda reported that Kayihura’s supposed arrest had been ordered by President Museveni, the presidency has also distanced themselves from the matter labelling the report false.

“There is no such order, at least for now,” a statement from presidency to Nile Post.

Also a  statement from Museveni’s Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama, calls upon media houses and journalists exercise caution and professionalism while reporting matters.

“Media friends, whereas we can understand ‘citizen journalists’ breaking fake news, I think those of you with the badge of professionalism owe your audiences better. Verify. Have evidence. You won’t die if you’re not the first to break the news,” Wanyama said.

Nile Post also contacted police authorities on the supposed arrest, but they said there is none such a thing.

“You think security officers can look for you at a hotel? They always know where you are,” an officer close to Kayihura intimated.

Army conduct search on Lyantonde hotel where Kayihura is client

There was tension in Lyantonde Town on Tuesday as security personnel led an abrupt search at two high-end hotels in the area on Tuesday evening.

The officers reportedly attached to the Internal Security Organisation-ISO, most of them dressed in civilian outfits, conducted a search on Courtyard and Sky Blue Hotels located on Mbarara road in Lyantonde Town Council. However, Nile Post confirms there were no arrests made






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