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DJ Senior B is a radio and night club DJ who has been in the music industry for 10 years now. He told The Nile Post that mixing music is his passion.


What are your real names?
I am called A Ssekandi Bwire Godfrey. I am a Muganda born in Busia and raised in Kayunga Bugerere.

How did the name senior B come about?
It all started when I was caught with a love letter full of romantic words by our headteacher in my primary school.
So I was told to read it before the school assembly which got everyone excited and from there I was nicknamed Senior Boy which I abbreviated as Senior B.

Then what of the Remix Wizard?
Also that one came after I started making and producing audio remixes and many wanted to jump on the trend . So I decided to put a mark on myself that could make me stand head and shoulders above others.

Who inspired you while starting to be a DJ?
Actually to be honest enough no one inspired me. I think I am naturally talented and designed to be a DJ. I believe that talent called me.

Who do you attribute your success to?
There’s none other than the one and only Mr Kenneth Amuka. Because without him I wouldn’t be where l am today. He sacrificed with high risk of letting me learn on his machines when I totally knew nothing and any use of a DJ gadget.

Can you briefly take us through your journey to the deejaying industry limelight?
It all started way back in 2007 when I tried out to sing but eventually I realized that I wasn’t fit for it. Then I joined a dance group which offered me space and their I became their house selector. My urge for being a DJ was very high as I went a head and used the chance to show my extra efforts towards selecting.

When were you declared a professional DJ?
I was officially declared a professional DJ during 2007 Christmas day . But that came after lots of hard work which included spending over five (5) months locking my self in the store room from morning to midnight teaching myself how to be a great DJ.

DJ Senior B

So what do you recall about your first gig?
Basically what I recall is that Mr Amuka, who was our boss and owned a mobile disco connected me to his friends club in Entebbe town so I joined the nightlife Deejaying.

How much is your focus on breaking a song – as in being the first person to play it rather than picking it up tunes from other DJs play list?
Man…eehh it really embarrasses me hearing a song first play from a fellow DJ. At least on Radio its okay but with a DJ I feel very bad.
So I try as much as possible looking for updates from all accessible corners, artistes, possible distribution corners and mainly first hand Internet sites including YouTube verified channels.

Who do you deal with picking up from a fellow DJ at peak time?
When am scheduled to play along another DJ during peak time, I keep time, come early at the venue and listen to which music he plays so I can give him/her a proper correction. At that point that’s my winning tactic because most djs forget good music and play music they think you will play.

How would you describe your style of deejaying?
I am a simple varietist dj for the common party people.

How picky are you with things concerning sound systems?
I am not that picky, though I prefer a clear sound no matter on low volumes but clear. When you hire me I move with my own table set. I just connect to your amplifying system and good to go. I play my own music because I trust my audio versions.

Who takes care of you affectionately?
I will keep that private but all in all am a family man . A dad to three, two sons and one daughter.

Any advice to someone out there aspiring to be a DJ?

It starts with talent, have a musical sense in you and learn to discover all types of music genres around the world from all ages. Be inspired, humble, creative, practice, discipline and respect plus knowing the type of DJ you want to be.

How has technology changed the deejaying industry?
If it wasn’t of technology we would be dictators in the industry. Back then it needed real talent because there was no cram work, no internet and no automation unlike now.

Where do you see the industry the next 10 years?
Am happy deejaying is on its way to the front seat. Many responsible organisations are coming to recognise and appreciate the DJ industry.


By Solomon Mwesigwa

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