PLE: Janet Museveni to visit eastern schools over poor performance

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The Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Kataaha Museveni has disclosed that she will be visiting districts in Eastern Uganda to probe the poor performance of pupils in the 2017 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

Speaking to Journalists on Friday after releasing the results of the 2017 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), at the President’s Office, the First Lady said it was time to find out why pupils in Eastern Uganda have persistently continued to perform poorly.

The Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB handed over the PLE results which indicated improved general performance despite a reduction in division one aggregatesUNEB highlighted ten districts with the highest failure rate.
Districts in Eastern Uganda are listed as the worst performing after recording the highest failure rates.

Among them are Kween, Bukwo and Tororo with a failure rate of at 29.1 percent, 25.5 percent and 19.1 percent respectively.

Kayunga district in Central Uganda together with Mbale in Eastern Uganda recorded 18.7 percent failures, followed by Mayuge, Kamuli, Buvuma, Budaka and Bududa.

Eastern Uganda has the largest number of pupil enrollment in primary schools in the country currently standing at 2.6million pupils compared to the rest of the regions.

Central Uganda has a total enrolment of 1.8million pupils’ enrolment in primary schools, Northern Uganda with 2million pupils while Western Uganda has a total pupil enrolment of 2.1million pupils.

 This makes the overall number of pupils enrolled for primary education in the country at 8.6million.

Analysis of the results indicates a growing disparity in terms of failure rates of female students across the country.

For instance of the 57,349 pupils that failed, 33,865 were females representing 5.4% against the 23,669 males representing 3.8%.

Of the overall 57,349 failed candidates for last year’s examinations, 49,647 were candidates at government’s Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools while 7,702 were from private schools.

The results indicate that boys generally performed better than girls and that majority of girls were ungraded meaning they never sat the examinations despite having registered.

Janet Museveni said that the poor performance of girls is attributed to family chores and responsibilities they do as opposed to boys.


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