Janet Museveni calls for concerted efforts to address mental health challenges

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Janet Museveni  calls for concerted efforts to address mental health challenges
Minister Muyingo speaks on Tuesday as she represented the First Lady.

The first lady and Minister of Education, Janet Kataha Museveni, has called upon various stakeholders to create synergies around mental health awareness  in order to reduce on the worrying number of mental disorders among the young people.

In her message delivered by . John Chrysostom Muyingo, the Minister for Higher Education at the 20th anniversary of Afro Arab Youth Council  at Kampala International University (KIU), Mrs Museveni noted that combating mental health problem is a shared responsibility for all.

“I thank the organizers of this conference for selecting a theme focusing on the plight of people with mental health challenges, it is very timely and a concern to all of us. Out of the worldwide population,  millions suffer from mental health conditions annually.”

She  also called upon all people to  lend a listening ear to young  people facing challenges with in their communities .

“By showing compassion and empathy we can help those affected. Parents should adopt proper parenting practices so that children can find solace in family unity in order not get addicted to phones and televisions where they adopt harmful practices which can later affect their mental well being.”

She further urged all stakeholders to break the stigma surrounding mental health, in order to create an environment where open discussion about it are encouraged to the extent of having individuals seeking support with out fear of being judged.

Dr. Salim Alimalik, the Director General of Islamic World Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), revealed that mental health was given priority during  the conference after realizing that it’s a deadly vice that if  not handled well during this stage , it may destroy the world’s next generation.

“Young people are not spared from mental health challenges, statistics  indicate that  more than one in every seven adolescents aged between ten to 19 is estimated to live with mental disorders. It is also estimated that 86 people million between 15 to 19 years live with mental health world wide.”

Alimalik who is also in Uganda for the first time, commended Ugandans for  a warm welcome they have extended to them during their visit.

Dr. bas Agaba Secretary General for the African and Arab Youth council said that the conference is part of a series of activities held in celebrating 20 years  of  the Afro Arab Youth Council.

He added that other activities will include visiting and extending donation to Butabika Hospital, celebrating culture with the Kyabazinga of Busoga in Jinja, visiting several tourist attractions in Busoga and attending women’s day celebrations in Katakwi among others.


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