VIDEO: Tears as Makerere University students miss out on graduation list

Patience Ndinawe

Patience Ndinawe

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With the 68th graduation ceremony at the Ivory Tower just days away, some students are crying foul after failing to appear in the Graduation Booklet.

According to the graduation guidelines, a student is only eligible to appear on the list if all their marks have been submitted by the heads of departments who receive them from the Lecturers.

The latest developments from this year’s graduation indicate that over 15,000 students are set to graduate next week, however others have been left totally devastated after weeks of chasing missing marks.

What is a Missing Mark?
The marking guideline at the Ivory Tower suggests 60 percent  from the Final Exam and 40 percent as course work amounting to 100 percent. If a student missed any of the course works given in a particular semester, they don’t qualify to get an average mark! Which leads to a missing mark or sometimes a retake.

Also if the lecturers misplaced the coursework assessments or final exam results, it equals to a missing mark (usually marked as NEX on the examination results lists)

A case in point Sharua Nanfuka Mwajuma joined Makerere University on Government Sponsorship.

After 4 years of pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communication, It’s absurd that Sharua won’t graduate because a certain lecturer misplaced her 1st year results for a Political Science (POS) paper. Amidst tears, Sharua narrated her ordeal saying

“I completed all the necessary course works and wrote the final exam but I never received the marks,”

While asked about what she did after learning about this, she continued saying;

“For the past 4 months, I’ve been in touch with the lecturer who was in charge of that course unit and he admitted having lost some of the students’ final exam scripts which included mine.”

Since Sharua was retaking this particular course unit, the co-lecturer chose to add up the former marks from the paper she failed in 1st year, added them to the current course works giving her a final mark of 75 percent. This was after a thorough check through the marked scripts to prove her script was really missing.


After the sweaty 4 months cat and mouse chases with the lecturer, Sharua got the prerogative mercy marks but during the time when the final graduation list had already been submitted to the senate building.

Over the years, many students have fallen victim to such lecturer-negligence some times costing them thousands of shillings redoing the papers when their academic tenure has already expired. This is because to re-do a paper when your ID is expired, you are required to pay the functional fees worth 500,000 unlike when it’s to be when ID is still valid.

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