Urgent Repairs for Karuma Bridge

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Urgent Repairs for Karuma Bridge
UNRA says The intervention after the diagnostic was was planned to take us until we’re ready to have a new and permanent bridge at Karuma

Heavy rains have revealed a hidden threat on a vital Ugandan artery - the Karuma Bridge. Though no surface cracks were found, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) discovered compromised reinforcements beneath the bridge deck. Responding swiftly, UNRA is launching repairs expected to take under two months.

This news sparked discussion on Ugandan radio. Hon. Ojara Mapenduzi, a politician and journalist, commended UNRA's overall road efforts but stressed the pressing need to address ageing bridges built in the 70s and 80s. He emphasized, "Safety is paramount. While bridge closure disrupts lives and costs money, it pales in comparison to losing lives."

Dr. Lulume Bayiga, a politician and physician, echoed Mapenduzi's concerns. He expressed disappointment that UNRA requires reminders to address infrastructure problems. "UNRA should proactively maintain and upgrade roads," he stated.

UNRA representative Allan Ssempebwa offered clarification. He assured listeners that despite the hidden issue, UNRA swiftly mobilized upon discovery and is committed to handling all road emergencies.

While repairs are underway, clear communication from UNRA is crucial. Regular updates on progress and any necessary detours will keep the public informed and minimize disruptions. Additionally, focusing on proactive assessments and maintenance of other ageing bridges is vital to prevent future safety threats.

The Karuma Bridge situation serves as a stark reminder of the importance of timely infrastructure investment. Addressing issues promptly not only ensures safety but also avoids costly repairs and delays in the long run.

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