UBOS Report Reveals stagnant teenage pregnancies, 33% women believe should be beaten

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The UN in Uganda is urging the government to prioritize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those focusing on women's empowerment. This follows the release of the latest Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, which revealed troubling trends.

A major obstacle to progress is the persistently high rate of teenage pregnancy across the country. Bukedi has the highest rate at 29.5%, with other regions following suit.

The survey also exposes a disturbing reality: a third of Ugandan women believe their husbands have the right to beat them. Furthermore, 61% of women report experiencing physical violence from their partners, while domestic violence against men (34%) remains largely unreported.

Education is key to tackling these issues. With 9% of Ugandan women and 4% of men illiterate, widespread awareness campaigns are crucial.

The UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Susan Ngongi Namondo, called for prioritizing healthcare education initiatives. The Ugandan government needs to implement comprehensive programs to improve maternal and child health, prevent preventable deaths, empower women through education, and eradicate domestic violence.

The survey's findings are a wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need to address the challenges hindering Uganda's progress towards the SDGs. Concerted efforts are essential to ensure the well-being and safety of Ugandan women.

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