Kagadi, a new district reeling from MPs 'who have arrived'

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Kagadi, a new district reeling from MPs 'who have arrived'
Kagadi Woman MP Janepher Mbabazi faults government for always citing lack of resources

Local leaders in Kagadi are running disillusioned with the character of legislators they voted into Parliament. They say nothing is being done to set the new district on a socio-economic journey but so much of 'arrivalism' is on show.

The locals and their leaders accuse their legislators of spending their time looking in the mirror, buying the latest car models, and counting time spent flying abroad. This, they say, happens as the district struggles with poor roads that hinders movement and development, poor Health care system, lack of access to clean and safe water among other issues.

Vincent Byamukama, from Mpeefu Town Council, said the sorry state of roads has made movement hard, claiming some women give birth on the way to the facilities with associated effects of severe bleeding, the unlucky end up losing lives.

"I can tell you from Muhooro, then go to Ndaiga and branch off to Mpeefu road, it's all dust, with a lot of potholes," said Byamukama.

"It's on these bumpy roads that our expectant mothers pass, imagine, cough is unavoidable here, so we use more money for treatment than investment."

Michael Mugisha, a resident of Kitemuzi in Mabaale Town Council, wonders if the healthcare system will ever improve.

"Now you man, do you why people go to government facilities, it's because they don't have money, now when they tell us to go to clinics what do they mean, do we have to go and smile and get medicines, where are our leaders surely," Mugisha said.

Esther Turyasingura, a youth leader in Kagadi, was quick to accuse their MPs of sleeping on the job. Most of them, she adds, are only interested in self-aggrandizement so they buy expensive cars, juice and travel abroad yet the people they represent are suffering.

"We expect them to take our grievances to parliament and have budgets increased on roads, but look at dust potholes everywhere, people share water with animals, power connections all zero, but when you she the cars they drive very expensive, some are on the flights now and then, buying juice is their thing, but serving the population zero,"Turyasingura said

Speaking during a belated Women's Cay celebrations in Mpeefu Subcounty, Janepher Mbabazi, the district woman MP, dismissed the accusations from the electorate.

She insisted they make strides and faulted the government that "always give excuse" of limited resources.

"We are not seated as members of parliament, because I believe my people see me on TV pushing for increased budgets on roads, more power connections, improving the education sector," she said.

"Every time we make efforts government has excuses of limited funds, our hands get tied, but we hope more sources of funds will be found by government so that our people get services they deserve because they are taxpayer too."

Presiding as chief guest, Ruth Nankabirwa, the Minister for Energy and Mineral Development, assured the people of Kagadi of more free connections for electricity starting with residents near powerlines.

"You people don't have to worry, across the country we have new free connections of 68,000 households, Kagadi inclusive. More dams are being put up including one in Muzizi near here, so power issues will be addressed," Nankabirwa said

Kagadi District was created on July 1, 2012, when Kibaale was carved into small administrative units to create the current Kakumiro, Kagadi and Kibaale districts.

Kagadi started it's operation on 1st July 2016 with 35 subcounties and 151 parishes.

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