Cranes players must know how to sing the national anthem properly

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has said all players summoned to the national teams shall be required to learn how to sing the national anthem.

FUFA made the revelation on Friday through their social media platforms.

”All players summoned to the Uganda National football teams will be tasked to undergo sessions to learn how to sing the National Anthem of Uganda,” FUFA stated on Friday.

According to the federation, the same task will also apply to the team officials. 

FUFA manages 10 national teams for both men and women.

As part of the football tradition, national anthems are performed before every international game begins.

This staple which dates back to early 90s is believed to have been introduced to promote nationalism among sports people especially in the aftermath of World War I.

During the performance, the players are encouraged to stand uniformly, facing the national flag, and if there is no flag, they face towards the source of music.

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