A Brighter Future: Uganda Equips Youth with Skills

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A Brighter Future: Uganda Equips Youth with Skills
Graduands during the event.

Over 450 young Ugandans proudly walked away today, equipped with valuable skills and a Uganda Vocational Certificate Level One. This graduation ceremony celebrated the success of the Presidential Skilling Initiative, a program determined to empower Ugandan youth and fuel economic growth.

Vice President Jessica Alupo graced the event, urging further development of the initiative. She emphasized the need to adapt to a changing job market, proposing the addition of programs in commercial agriculture and ICT. These skills would better prepare graduates to thrive in today's competitive environment.

Alupo commended the initiative's inclusivity, ensuring no one is left behind. She also addressed the post-training needs of graduates. The government plans to establish common user facilities across each region, providing graduates with a space to work and access capital to launch their businesses.

The State House Controller, Jane Barikye, echoed the program's achievements. She highlighted the initiative's success in creating jobs and equipping youth with skills, a key objective envisioned by the President.

The ceremony wasn't just about celebrating graduates. It was a testament to the government's commitment to its youth. The Presidential Skilling Initiative, with its 19 operational hubs nationwide, is a cornerstone of Uganda's strategy to empower its future workforce and drive economic prosperity.

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