Deadly Accident on Gulu-Kampala Highway

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Deadly Accident on Gulu-Kampala Highway
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A tragic road accident claimed three lives on Thursday night near the Karuma checkpoint along the Gulu-Kampala highway in Nwoya District. The collision involved a Toyota Hiace and a bus belonging to the Nilestar company. Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

Government Urged to Rethink Communication for Tourism's Sake

In a separate development, a Member of Parliament is urging the government to revamp its communication strategy to prevent harming Uganda's tourism industry. Dickson Kateshumbwa, representing Sheema Municipality, proposes a centralized system for disseminating positive information about the country through local and international media.

Kateshumbwa argues that frequent negative news from government agencies, such as terror alerts, discourages tourists and prompts foreign travel advisories. He suggests this disjointed communication hurts the tourism sector, a significant contributor to Uganda's GDP.

Boosting Tourism Through Improved Communication and Investment

Kateshumbwa further recommends increased funding for the Uganda Tourism Board to engage international and national media for positive publicity. Additionally, he proposes better equipping Ugandan embassies abroad to effectively market the country as a tourist destination.

On a different note, Parliament's Tourism Committee raised concerns regarding a proposed 10 billion shilling allocation for lion breeding. The committee cited low return on investment and discrepancies in Environmental Impact Assessment costs submitted by different authorities.

This rewrite combines the two stories into a more cohesive piece. It starts with the more immediate and tragic news of the accident, then transitions to the discussion on tourism with Kateshumbwa's proposal as the central theme. Finally, it mentions the separate point about the lion breeding project.

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