Museveni pledges more support to coffee investor Tugume

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Museveni pledges more support to coffee investor Tugume
President Museveni inspects some of the coffee value addition production line at the hub

President Museveni has rooted for value addition in coffee production and export and pledged more support for Inspire Africa Group.

The President, who was on a project appraisal visit in Rweshamaire in Ntungamo District where Uganda's first ever modern coffee facility is under construction, warned "naysayers" who keep fighting investment in coffee value chain.

The project, owned by coffee entrepreneur Nelson Tugume, recently caused controversial debate from the coffee sector on funding but Museveni has stood by it.

The factory is expected to take full effect production to December 2024

Uganda has a target to export of 20 million bags of coffee by 2030 in anticipation to collect close $5 billion above the current $1 billion from the green bean exports

Mr Museveni has since changed mission to value addition and embarked on deliberate investment in the modern coffee facility in Ntungamo.

During his appraisal visit, the President toured the factory that would produce a wide range products from instant coffee capsules, cold brew and cosmetics.

He scoffed at Africans for staying asleep while non-coffee growing countries reap big from the cash crop.

"The global market collects $450 billion, we as African collect $2.5 billion and Uganda gets only $1 billion - we need more," he said.

The President lauded Inspire Africa Group, pledging continued government support for the projects success

"The naysayers don’t know who they playing with," he warned, "we are going to invest so that you don’t miss another season. Now you should be buying coffee."

The Nungamo coffee project has not been one short of controversy with many questioning the accountability of the taxpayers' money from the local investor Tugume

"Your Excellency, I am not a thief," Tugume said, "this thus is where the project has reached."

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