Can FDC rebrand and overcome the bitter split ahead of 2026?

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Can FDC rebrand and overcome the bitter split ahead of 2026?
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It’s over two years now since a bitter row erupted in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) on allegations that the party executives led by party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat and secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi received dirty money from the ruling NRM, their would-be rivals.

This allegation led to a bitter split in the once leading opposition political party that saw a group led by Erias Lukwago walking away from their main headquarters in Najjanankumbi to form the Katonga based faction and either side dragged each other to court.

Regardless of the ups and down experienced in the last couple of months, the opposition FDC is confident it can rebrand and become yet again a topflight political party ahead of the next general elections in 2026.

The party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat believes the public has already judged and exonerated them.

“He who alleges proves, upon our accusers failing to prove the dirty money allegation, the public have realized they are liars. And our rebrand journey is already on course”.

The Katonga based faction led by the lord mayor Erias lukwago and having a backing from former FDC president Kizza Besigye have been going around the country seeking the views of their supporters and members on whether to start another political organizations , join existing parties or reconcile from within the FDC.

“Their countrywide mobilization speaks volumes as people are not interested to listen to their lies” Amuriat bitterly stated.

FDC National Chairman Katonga Wasswa Birigwa responded to Amuriat.

“ Amuriat and Nandala, Your hands are not clean! Just quit office,” Birigwa said.

He noted that  they are waiting for the upcoming national delegates conference on August 02,2024 for the delegates to discuss the findings from their country wide mobilization so as to draw a final conclusion.

“We will take a decision when the delegates conference convenes to decide on the response gathered in the course of the countrywide consultations,” Birigwa stated.

The soft-spoken senior FDC member also adds that the FDC is drafting new guidelines that will guide party values and operations in the future.

Regardless of the continuous disagreements by both the FDC based in Najjanankumbi and Katonga, columnist Philip Matogo believes hope for rebranding FDC is not lost.

“The FDC can put more emphasis on preaching the values of peace, integrity and reconciliation as key aspects that speak to their strength to regain space in the hearts of supporters and members."

“Insisting on the party values is going to bring together all members, supporters and the top executives regardless of the divergent opinions and demands”.

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