Government Pledges Clean Water for All Ugandans, Launches New Project in Kikwaya

Government Pledges Clean Water for All Ugandans, Launches New Project in Kikwaya
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Despite ongoing challenges with water access in some regions, Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja reiterated the government's commitment to providing clean and safe water to all villages across the country.

Addressing Existing Issues:

Nabanja acknowledged the hardships faced by communities like Kikwaya, Kakindo, Igayaza, and Kasambya, where residents struggle to access clean water and sometimes share water sources with animals.

New Water Project Launched:

The Prime Minister officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new water system in Kikwaya. This 11.2 billion shilling solar-powered project, funded by a loan from the Exim Bank of India, is expected to be completed by May 2025.

Project Impact:

  • Improved Water Supply:¬†Upon completion, the project will significantly enhance water access for households in Kikwaya, Birembo, Igayaza, and Kakindo sub-counties.
  • Enhanced Economic Opportunities: Better road infrastructure, as promised by State Minister for Works Fred Byamukama, will complement the water project by facilitating the movement of goods and produce, potentially improving prices for farmers.

Looking Ahead:

Prime Minister Nabanja assured residents that the water problem in Kikwaya and surrounding villages will be a thing of the past by 2025. This project signifies the government's ongoing efforts to address water access disparities across Uganda.

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