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2021 Elections Watch

By Musa Majoba 

Following the events in the recent primaries, you will agree with us that we need to do a little more selfhelp work towards smoother elections, than the ones we have had before. We need encourage voters who have lost faith in elections and have chosen to stay away, to look forward to participating again in future elections.

This is why Uganda Whistle Blowers Association has begun looking for like minded concerned Ugandans, to act as volunteers in polling stations in their areas, where they will be voting from, so that together we can work towards the common goals of :

1. Acting as standby first aid givers, to injured victims of violence during the voting , campaigns and election period.

2. Preparing citizens for their civic duty of voting without violence. By preaching the gospel of respecting each others right to freedom of expression and choice.

3. Educating of the masses on how to make the right choices that will help our areas grow, and to get the leaders we deserve, through choosing leaders with the required abilities and experience to shape the future of all areas for the coming 5 year term.

4. Teaching the the voters the value of our vote, why we vote, how to protect our votes, through educating ourselves on the weight in value of the vote as worth more than being an item of exchange for a piece of soap, a bottle of soda, a glass of liquor, a kilo of millet.

5. Teach the candidates, monitoring agents and voters on how to communicate, facts that check the results cheating during the announcement process.

6. Explainig to the voters on proper reporting methods, on the violence, and malpractices at the different polling stations throughout the country without putting themselves at risk.

7. Alerting citizens on how to examine the voting process and results, for pointers of wrong doing and collecting evidence during the elections.

8. Training voters on the methods of how to make sure the winning candidates deliver, if not get recalled from office if they prove they are not doing their duty while in office.

9. Volunteers will be helping the voters to do an online check with their smartphones, to confirm if they are registered for voting ... remind them of the election dates, and all the candidates information.

10. Training voters on methods of how to handle political intimidation.

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming an ambassador simply ;

1. Share this message.

2. On your facebook profile / account, (Add Work Place) Search for Uganda Whistle Blowers Association, (Add in the Position field), the word Volunteer / Ambassador at ( your place or area you will vote from). You can leave the Description field empty(optional).

Then send us a snapshot of your profile facebook account to Uganda Whistle Blowers Association FB page, to win a free Tshirt and mask.

3. Ask a friend to tell a friend about this campaign.

4. Share this post on WhatsApp, tweeter or Instagram.

5. We are also looking for area ambassadors that will appear on our flyers nationwide.

Thank you

The author Musa Majoba is a founder and president of the Uganda Whistle Blowers Association.

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