Museveni planned his long stay, he will be difficult to topple


It is a show of recklessness trying to unseat a man of the nature Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is.

Under normal circumstances, our journeys are shaped and designed by destinations they lead to.

In fact there is only one reason one chooses to fly and not to drive, to walk and not to run.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni planned for a very long time to be where he is today and he is not here by accident.

He may not have told many around him that that was his goal from the very beginning, but that does not stop it from having been the goal from his beginning.

Two, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of most of the people he has as competition and knows exactly how to stop them because he has the means of doing so as president.

If he did not, then logically questions would be raised over the love for his job and the use of his thinking faculties at the very least the critical thinking side.

This is why I am not one of those who think that Mr.Museveni will allow the conditions that will make him lose an election to brew as he sits by sipping on pure milk from his cherished long horned cattle.

He just won’t and to do so would be unlike of a revolutionary .

This man Museveni is something of a man extraordinaire.

It is no brainer that one has to be good at what they do to get professionals to leave the comfort of the university in order to join potential death all in the name of liberation struggle.

Anyone who gets them to do so would be one that has to have been blessed with the very gift of selling.

Mr.Museveni is a seller per excellence and those who want to beat him must learn not just to sell but to sell better than he does. I doubt they have…

Instead of making themselves sellers of the size he is, his competition has mastered the art of trying to convince the world that Mr.Museveni is at fault for their losses.

But why should he not be when he still wants to be around? What you want Mr.Museveni to do is all I ask the opposition.

I have been part of races and I also take pleasure in watching them.

Anyone who has run serious races will tell you that there is pushing, shoving and elbowing that goes on and to win a race against the Kenyans in these races, you have to be able to beat the mechanisms they have built to protect their victories.

Don’t expect a man who has come to win to give you any advantage at all.  You have to make your own luck. That is how like works.

Winners have one thing in common: they master the art of beating, not some of, but all of the things that are in between them and their victories.

Now that they are talking about moles, the opposition must learn to work around them because it is supposed to be his job ( read Museveni) to employ moles.

Mr.Museveni had moles planted in his ranks by the Obotes and he dealt with that and still beat them anyway. So what are you talking about?

You remind me of a man who lost a marathon and complained that the hill was too steep(laughs…).Winners like hill because they separate the real winners from the wanna be runners.

I think our opposition-if we have any at all-must sit and choose to go this the hard way.

Roll sleeves and accept that the task before hand is difficult and they will not get any help from Mr.Museveni and the system he controls.

I am one of those firm in the belief that to lift a heavy load you have to first know its size or the size of your task, then choose to train your body to lift the load.

This often takes years of planning,  gym trips, conditioning and attempting to see how far you are each day from victory.

That task often gives the impression that nothing is happening but with consistency some day you will prevail over what seems insurmountable.

It is also true that we are at our weakest when we think and feel insurmountable. I think beating Mr.Museveni is going to take more than the combined force of the opposition.

Mr.Museveni is a lot more difficult to beat than the NRM which is not even around.


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