Mbonye runs out of patience, authorities running out time


By Suzan Khainza

One of the eerily tragic stories of Greek Mythology is the story of Cassandra, the daughter of the King of Troy. It is believed that Cassandra was so beautiful that the god Apollo granted her the gift of seeing into the future.

When she, however, rejected Apollo’s love, he cursed her – that no one would believe any of her ‘prophecies’. Cassandra’s tale is tragic because although she possessed a powerful ability, she was powerless to use it to save the lives of those around her including her loved ones.

Throughout history till date, harrowing tales have been told of men whose ‘prophecies’ were ignored not because the ‘prophets’ were under any curse but because of the stubbornness and hard-heartedness of those to whom the prophecies were given.

The horrendous 2010 terror bombings in Kampala and the 2012 UPDF chopper crashes on Mt. Kenya are two tragedies that immediately come to mind.

These are two events were prophesied at least a month prior to the play out of actual events and in both instances, the prophecies were ignored by the those that could have changed the trajectory of events.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye – the man that prophesied these two events has since gone on to give a myriad of national, international and one-on-one prophecies that have played out with startling accuracy.

The huge audience he has garnered over the years, both in physical and online fellowships is proof that there are those that have chosen to believe him whilst others continue to pay no heed to his warnings.

Could this stance of deliberate unbelief taken on especially by those in government be the reason why the good Prophet chose to have this year’s annual 1st September honour celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya?

Right from the first lockdown imposed on worship places in Uganda, Prophet Elvis Mbonye has incessantly, through open letters to politicians and religious leaders and special broadcasts, called for the unconditional opening of churches.

For all his entreaty however, it appears as though those in authority have only sought tougher means to curtail religious freedoms; the latest being the continued lockdown on places of worship whilst places like Kikuubo freely operate and the restriction of online services to ten people (organizers) inclusive of the preacher.

At the honour celebrations that were held at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi and broadcasted live on Facebook attracting an audience of over 30,000 views, the Prophet minced no words in his message to those in authority.

“If you know anyone in authority that seems to have an agenda to keep the Church stifled and they are speaking about how they can’t meet in public because of a certain disease, go and tell them that there’s a prophet who has lost his patience.” He said matter-of-factly.

The prophet went on to scathingly criticise leaders who think that by religiously observing national prayer days and holding prayer breakfasts, they fulfil the Bible Verse Psalms 33:12: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. He revealed that it is a nation’s submission either to the agenda of spirit of God or of darkness that determines whether it is blessed or not.

Having been warned time after time, one wonders; will the politicians and those in authority heed the word of Prophet Elvis Mbonye this time round or will they continue to play deaf and thus become exhibits of what it means to ignore the warnings of a prophet of God?

In his open letter to politicians published last year Prophet Elvis warned thus; “You can ignore God but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring God.”

Are those in government authority ready for the tragic consequences or will they take the easy out heed the words the Man of God? Only time can tell.

 The writer is a Christian


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