US Ambassador denied access to Kyagulanyi’s home under siege  by security

2021 Elections Watch

The US Embassy has said it is baffled by the continued siege by security at the home of Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, the presidential candidate for the National Unity Platform.

Following the January, 14 election, security put a siege at the home of Kyagulanyi, who was the runners up against the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni.

In a statement released on Monday, the embassy said the US Ambassador to Uganda, Natalie E.Brown was stopped from accessing the home as he tried to visit Kyagulanyi.

“U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Natalie E. Brown attempted to visit presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi at his residence on January 18, but was denied access by Ugandan security forces,” the embassy said in the statement.

According to the embassy, the visit was meant to check on Kyagulanyi’s health and safety but noted this was not possible after being denied access by security.

“Uganda’s election campaigns were marred by the harassment of opposition candidates, campaign staff, and supporters; suppression of the media and civil society organization activities; and a nationwide internet shutdown before, during, and after voting day,” the embassy said.

“These unlawful actions and the effective house arrest of a presidential candidate continue a worrying trend on the course of Uganda’s democracy. Nobody should be unlawfully denied a means to communicate and the freedom to leave their home, should they choose to do so.”

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga on Monday said the siege at Kyagulanyi’s home will continue for an unspecified period of time as a way of preventing any form of violence that he said are being planned by certain individuals and groups of people.

“There have been information of certain political parties and certain individuals coming up with plan B to instigate riots in protest of outcome of elections. That’s why we have maintained a security cover around Kasangati and Magere, including the home of hon. Kyagulanyi,”Enanga said.

We are going to continue maintaining this presence during this aftermath of the elections because they want to use this period when declarations are hot to instigate protests but we will not allow that to happen.”

Kyagulanyi recently said he will challenge the outcome of the January,14 presidential elections in which President Museveni was declared the winner to extend his rule to four decades.


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