Ubuntu DNA Summit attempts to revive Pan African spirit in China meet

By Richard Mbayo 

Ubuntu DNA I Am Because We Are”

Upon the attainment of the political independence by countries, the young Africans in Diaspora have realized that political independence is useless without economic independence whereby blacks with African background carries on the idea of Ubuntu literally means a belief in universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.  The Major trajectory is creating a Black Business economy in whichever Diaspora Nation we might be living in, A Micro Afro-Economy riddled with Black owned Businesses is now the mission of the day among Africans in Diaspora.  Ssenkindu Samson Ian said during the summit.

The Ubuntu DNA summit was organized by peoples of African descent living in China and the conference was held in the world's largest commodity market city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province of PRC. The summit served as revival for the ever-growing Ubuntu-Pan Africanism spirit of the 1950’s pre-independence era whereby peoples of African descent with common interests greatly worked together with Africans in Africa to ensure that African countries get independence and indeed, their mission was successfully executed.

The history reminds us the tremendous role-played by WEB. DuBois African American and Marcus GarveyJamaican-born Black nationalist who championed the cause for African independence through the idea of Pan Africanism which is an international intellectual movement aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of unity between entire people of African origin.

However, the 21st century Africans in Diaspora’s mission is to ensure that people with African descent gain economic independence as it is only way Black man will be free and respected across the globe because economic independence will polish African image from that of Western media which portrays black people as among the poorest, lazy. Some civilizations believe in whatever is being reported in the Western media is what Africa and Africans are yet there is good side of Africa which cannot be reported.

Thanks to the Ubuntu DNA family which realized that the need to organize a business summit and this was successfully held between 1st-6th October,2020 where Business and Employment opportunities were unveiled to young people with African descent which included Yiwu Business conference where key African entrepreneurs shared their experience in operating business in China, tour of Futian market, China-Africa trade policy training organized by Ubuntu and Sikai which consisted of requirement of registering company in China, Chinese Labour laws, Contract and Visa services and Taxation and patent, Belt and Road Yiwu World cup tournament, and  Open-Door Traditional Costume day which aimed at honoring African cultures.

The key speakers at Ubuntu Africa-Yiwu Business were Ssenkindu Samson Ian from Uganda, Khalid from Sudan, Abigail from Kenya, Jen a Jamaican Professional Educator, Dr. Love Precious a Kenyan entrepreneur, MC. Oneka from Jamaica, a CEO of TGS Group from Senegal, Ubuntu Jay a Chief organizer of the summit. While people who attended summit came from Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the world.

At the end of the summit, the people with African descent committed to uphold the Ubuntu DNA-Pan Africanism core values of Connect, Love and Support. This will be implemented by supporting unemployed Africans secure jobs as well as helping them in operating business in China.

The author of this piece shared his experience and asserted that “summit was fruitful as it helped me to widen networking, creating business ideas and most notable values developed while at Ubuntu summit are persistence, taking risk and trustworthy are cores for any successful person in any profession”.

This piece was written by Richard Mbayo a Pan Africanist and Scholar at Silk Road School of Renmin University of China. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbayo.richard.5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RichardMbayo


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