UPC's Jimmy Akena bows out of 2021 presidential polls, opts for MP seat

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has officially bowed out of the 2021 presidential elections after the party president, Jimmy Akena opted to stand for a Member of Parliament (MP) seat.

Jimmy Akena, while addressing the press on Wednesday, announced that he would be standing for Lira East  seat instead of the presidency.

The UPC spokesperson Sharon Oyat Arach, in her remarks said that Akena is the party's only would be candidate in the presidential polls and his change of mind means that the party will now focus on gaining positions at grass root level.

Oyat said: "We shall now focus on gaining full positions at the grass root level like councillors, mayors and MPs. We will not have a presidential candidate.

Oyat also noted that the UPC will not support any other candidates either in opposition or from the ruling National Resistance Movement, for the presidency.

She also rubbished off reports that UPC has no other suitable candidate to stand for presidency, saying that they only bowed out because their president changed his mind a bit late yet the process of choosing another flag bearer will be costly and time consuming.

"The process of choosing another flag bearer is very long. Right now, our aim is to take as many grass root positions as we can," she said.

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