Six bodies retrieved from Lake Nyagugwo, angry residents deter police from taking the bodies for autopsy

All the six bodies of people who drowned in Lake Nyagugwo on Saturday have been retrieved.

The six drowned following heavy winds that hit the lake as they were returning back from burying a relative in Ngora district. The lake borders Pallisa and Ngora Districts.

Assistant Inspector of Police and Officer in Charge of Agule Police Station George Emuria, attributes the accident to the overloading of undersized boats.

The dead are Lucy Apio, Mary Adongo who are twins aged 47, Janet Mudondo, 46, Loyce Ibuge 52, Malisa Atim, 16, and a baby identified as Loy Adeke.

John Mwanika, one of the survivors said the boat had been overloaded when strong winds struck it in the middle of the lake.

He said wind splashed water in their small boat the sailor failed to control the boat.

“Those of us who survived, it is because of God’s grace,” he said.

Rev. John Paul Oyik of Agule Church of Uganda together with his colleague Rev. Patrick Osire of Kibale Church of Uganda in their general sermon described the death as an unexpected incident that requires holy preparedness.

Meanwhile, an effort by the police to take the bodies for an autopsy hit a snag as angry mourners boycotted the process saying it was a waste of time.

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