UN body urges men to stand, support and respect women

The UN Women deputy country representative, Adekemi Ndieli, has called upon men to always stand up, support and respect women by not keeping silent in the struggle against the violation of women's rights.

She made the comments during Men at Work e-concert organised by UN Women in partnership with NBS television that took place on June 28.

The focus of the concert was to raise awareness on the role of men and boys in society in addressing inequalities that are at the root of violence against women and girls.

"The commitment from the religious, cultural leaders, our diplomatic community, the UN system in Uganda...They are all very willing to support this campaign, "she said.

Ndieli noted that the campaign is also meant to call upon men to encourage women to stand out in the community and speak against issues that frustrate their growth and development.

Singer Namukwaya Hajara Diana commonly known as Spice Diana called upon men to raise their sons in responsible way that if they grow up, they will be able to respect women.

"This should start from home, the men should teach their sons how to respect women because if you don't teach your sons,they will grow and go out there and do something disrespectful to women. I experienced such challenges at my work place,"she said.

Feffe Bussi (real name Frank Mukiiza), expressed concern that many women are not given quality jobs noting that women should be given chance to thrive.



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