UAEAid, UN Women launch drive to donate to refugees during Ramadan

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UAEAid, UN Women launch drive to donate to refugees during Ramadan
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In the spirit of compassion and solidarity, refugees from over 300 households gathered at the Magaga food distribution centre in Kiryandongo Refugee settlement awaiting the launch of a donation program organized by UAEAid in partnership with UN Women.

This initiative aims to provide essential support to refugees during the holy month of Ramadan.

The event marked the launch of a donation program that will serve over 1,5000 packages to refugees in need.

Out of these, 12,000 packages will go to the fasting muslim community, ensuring they have adequate sustenance during Ramadan, while 3,000 packages will be distributed to the hosting community.

Notably, women have received the donations on behalf of their families, highlighting the importance of women's role in household welfare.

The collaboration between UAEAid and UN Women underscores a commitment to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, particularly refugees facing displacement challenges.

UN Women officials said through this partnership, essential resources are being mobilized to support those in need, fostering a sense of solidarity and empathy within the community.

“I want to appreciate UAEAid for the packages. They have donated over 20,000 packages which comprised of rice,posho,wheat, sugar and others that will be shared with different households in Kiryandogo Refugee Settlement,” said  Paulina Chiwangu, the .UN Women Country Representative

“Uganda is a recipient of the most refugees in Africa. We need to understand the root cause of this refugee influx and collectively address these issues.”

UAEAid officials said the donation program holds significant importance for the refugee community, providing much-needed assistance during Ramadan.

“By distributing packages to both refugees and the hosting community, the initiative promotes inclusivity and mutual support, embodying the spirit of compassion and caring for others,” said Abdalla Hassan AlShamsi, the  UAE Ambassador to Uganda.

Kiryandongo refugee settlement hosts over 96000 refugees most of whom are women and the vast majority from south Sudan.

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