UNRA to demolish 66 year old Clock Tower structure to pave way for flyover

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The Uganda National Roads Authority is set to demolish the 66 year old Clock Tower structure in the city centre to pave way for the construction of the Kampala flyover.

According to UNRA, this will be part of the ongoing clearance works for the flyover project undertaken by Shimizu-Konoike JV, the Japanese contractor.

“Our contractor on the Kampala flyover project, Shimizu Konoike JV is set to demolish the existing Clock Tower structure to pave way for construction of a circular pedestrian bridge,” UNRA said on Tuesday.

UNRA however noted that a new Clock Tower structure will be constructed to replace the demolished one.

How the Kampala flyover project will look after demolition of the current Clock Tower structure.

According to the UNRA media relations manager, Allan Ssempebwa, the Japanese contractor is currently undertaking demarcations and excavation as preparatory touches for major works on the project.

The Kampala Flyover Project will see construction of flyovers at the Clock Tower and at Kitgum House on Jinja Road, widening Nsambya Road and Mukwano Road, plus improvements of interfacing roads and junctions.

Public reacts

Following the announcement of the demolition of the 66 year old Clock Tower structure, members of the public expressed mixed reactions on social media.

“Why though? You can keep it as a monument to the city like other countries do,” one Lighting handsome commented on twitter.

Joel Kabs asked: “Can’t you guys have an inclusive design and do not just do away with that relic or historical monument? It would make much more sense if the new designs somewhat incorporated in your futuristic designs.”

Anthony Engeru also shared the same sentiments asking why UNRA had decided to demolish the monumental structure.

“Why demolish the clock Tower which is a heritage bit not plan around it. Now you want the children to grow up calling the place Clock Tower without a clock tower!”

Many commentators insisted that the structure should be left intact for tourism purposes but UNRA's Ssempebwa assured them, the monument will be back.

"Have no worries! The Clock Tower monument will be relocated a few metres and given a new square for generational 'selefies',"Ssempebwa responded on twitter.

However, other members of the public welcomed the move, saying it will help beautify the city.

“It will be good really. UNRA I trust you. You have been doing good works around the country. Keep it up,” said Juliano Nuwagaba.

Mashamba said: Japanese are very good guys. They do very smart and quality work. Trust me this flyover will be so impressive.”

The Clock Tower

The Kampala Clock Tower structure was constructed in in 1954 in commemoration of the first visit of Her Majesty the Queen of England, Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

The Queen that time visited Uganda on April 28,1954 for three days until April 30 but later returned to the country in 2007 for the Commonwealth Heads of  Government Meeting(CHOGM)

Following the erection of the Clock Tower in commemoration of the Queen’s visit, the road stretch from the structure to Kibuye roundabout was also named Queen’s way.



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