Masaka's Revival: A Blueprint for Urban Renewal

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Masaka's Revival: A Blueprint for Urban Renewal
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Masaka, Uganda, is undergoing a remarkable transformation, emerging as a model for urban development. The city's success has attracted the attention of Kampala's leadership, eager to learn from Masaka's experience.

From Decline to Renewal:

Masaka, once suffering from post-war decline, has revitalized itself through strategic investments. The USMID program, coupled with the effective use of funds exceeding $600 million from GKMAUDP, has fueled this resurgence.

Planning for the Future:

A key factor in Masaka's success is its adherence to a well-defined city plan established in 1930. This plan ensures sustainable growth and preserves the city's character. City planner Martin Kigozi highlights the importance of proper infrastructure development, ensuring sufficient right-of-way for roads.

Beyond Infrastructure:

Masaka's development isn't just about roads and buildings. Modern markets, like the Masaka Market, empower local businesses. However, challenges like pricing discrepancies remain.

Collaboration is Key:

Minister Kabanda of Kampala admires Masaka's progress but acknowledges issues like market sanitation and water management. She pledges collaboration to address these concerns, stressing the importance of resident participation in safeguarding the city's achievements.

A Model for the Future:

Masaka's transformation serves as an inspiration for other cities. With continued strategic planning, effective governance, and community engagement, Masaka paves the way for a vibrant and prosperous future, serving as a blueprint for urban renewal across Uganda.

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