Kivejinja to the youth:"The lockdown should to teach you the value of saving"

The second deputy prime minister, Kirunda Kivejinja has advised the youth to embrace the culture of saving ahead of tough times like Covid-19 lockdown.

His comments came at the time when many businesses across the country have been shut down following the presidential directives aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

This means that only those who saved some of their little earnings can afford to sustain themselves during this period.

In an interview with the media, Kivejinja said the current circumstances of the lockdown should be a great lesson to everyone especially the young person in Uganda.

"It is now the time when man is being threatened, when the economy appears to be reaching the dead end and we can't move. This should be a great lesson,"he said.

He cited a situation where many youth leave their villages and the country to go to big cities hoping that they could make it by getting a lot of money.

"The problem is that they sold their assets in form of land and invest in a wrong businesses such as buying boda bodas without making proper calculations,"he said.

He said in Busoga sub region many people have abandoned the traditional cash crops and embraced  farming but they have ended frustrated.

"If you sell an asset and buy a bodaboda which is a liability, you are not building yourself," he said.

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