Minister Aceng singled out for praise as she lashes out at man under quarantine (Video)


Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has been singled out by Ugandans for praise as she leads the fight against coronavirus in Uganda.

The minister booked her praise after a video went viral in which she was heard lashing out at foreigners under quarantine in Entebbe.

Dr. Aceng was in Entebbe for a tour of duty of the airport and quarantine facilities when she met people under quarantine to address them and hear their individual views.

However, when she started addressing them when she referred to the situation in Italy, a foreigner attempted to interrupt her with a comment that Italy is safe with or without Uganda’s support.

“Shut up. If you start shouting, we will leave you here for 14 days anyway. You only have two choices, either you stay here or exit. Even if you move upside down or roll down. Either exit the country or stay here,” she said.

“I am not going to listen to people who think they are rowdy. We can start with you listening to me about the two choices we have. Otherwise, the security is willing to ensure you go back,” she added.

The minister had earlier told the people under quarantine that their issues are a result of Uganda’s interest in protecting its citizens from coronavirus as a primary aim.

Otai Peter, a journalist with UBC after watching the video clip by the minister claimed thus;

“I have watched the clip making rounds on social media and I have to say I am so proud of what the Dr did. she put all other issues aside for the good of her country. This country needs more of such ministers who put their country first...I am so proud of you Dr. Ruth Aceng I have never been this proud,” he said.

“I am proud of her too,” Robert Boto

“She is doing a good job,”Mbabazi Liberty

“The way she has handled this crisis, we need more like her in each ministry,” Don Andrea

“And that lady is very proud of her,” Charles Akol

“I am so In love with Doctor Ruth. What a Patriot she is. If she was near me I would give her a cow,” Himbisa Edwardo

Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado said:  “I’m Proud of the minister, yes it may seem unfair but it’s necessary, it’s the reason we haven’t registered any Case YET... whoever finds the ministers actions terrible. I’ll remix the minister's words ... SHUT THE HELL UP.”








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