Tumukunde saga: MP Nyakecho, 9 others not held on treason charges- Police

Police has confirmed the arrest and detention of Tororo County Member of Parliament, Annet Nyakecho, her husband Levi Otim , brother and many others who were found at the home of former Security Minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

Following Tumukunde’s arrest on Thursday, the group was also stopped from leaving the home where they were allegedly having a meeting and reports had indicated that they are held on treason charges, just like the former spymaster.

However, the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga told journalists that the group is not facing treason charges but obstruction of officers on duty.

“They are not on treason charges but obstructing officers who were carrying out their job. They are still at the Special Investigations Division in Kireka. Their file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for perusal and advice,”Enanga said.

Asked about the form of obstruction that the legislator was involved in, the police publicist explained that when officers came to arrest the former security minister, a number of people found at his home turned violent to stop officers from carrying out their duty even after identifying themselves.

“When our task team went to arrest, there was a bitter exchange. We had to build up a case around those who were preventing our officers from carrying out their lawful duty.”

The Police mouthpiece however denied reports that Tumukunde’s two sons had been arrested and are facing treason charges.

Enanga said one of the former spymasters’ sons was asked to record a statement and has since been released.

Items recovered

Following a search at Tumukunde’s home, a number of items including military bags, uniforms, tents and other items were recovered and exhibited.

This has since attracted debate on social media, with a number of commentators laughing off at security saying that what was recovered at the retired soldier is what is expected to be found at every home of a senior officer.

Commenting on the same, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said they will soon request the army about the items that the Lieutenant General was allowed to retire with.

“We shall find out as part of the retirement, what he signed off with and compare with the exhibits got from his home.”

Tumukunde, who recently announced his presidential bid is facing treason charges related to comments he made while appearing on various radio and televisions.

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