Rema’s husband warns social media trolls, "Leave my wife alone" (VIDEO)

Singer Rema Namakula’s husband Hamza Sebunya has warned social media trolls and media to stay away from their relationship. Ssebunya said that his wife should be left alone and noted that he will support her through it all.

Dr Hamza Sebunya and wife Rema Namakula

Following a viral video on social media where Rema is seen asking the media to end an interview with her husband after her Valentine's Day concert at Hotel Africana, several social media users have since accused Namakula of disrespecting Sebunya.

In an interview with NBS UNCUT however, Sebunya said that social media users and media blew the incident out of proportion.

“Don’t put her into what she is not in. She is respectful to me and may be she didn’t know that I was in a middle of something. I ask you to leave my wife and I am serious, leave her alone,” Ssebunya said.

Sebunya said that being a doctor does not mean he does not have a life outside his profession.

“We as doctors, we also have a life. If I take a photo with my wife, it is a sign of love. This is my relationship and I am a professional. I am going to support her in all that she does,” Sebunya said.

In a separate interview, Rema also told UNCUT that she can never disrespect her husband because he means a whole world to her.

“I can never disrespect my husband. He brought light in my life, he made to me see the world differently and how can I start disrespecting him. You got it wrong,” Rema said.

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