The person who killed Nebanda is the one who wants me dead – Nantaba (VIDEO)


The Kayunga Woman MP, Aida Nantaba has told parliament that the person who was behind the plot to kill former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda is baying for her blood.

Nebanda died in 2012 under unclear circumstances while at her boyfriend, Adam Kalungi’s home in Makindye but the postmortem report later pointed to use of drugs.

Later, Kalungi was convicted of manslaughter for negligently causing the death of the youthful legislator, but the High Court in Kampala later overturned the decision after re-evaluating evidence against him and set him free.

However, eight years later, another legislator has told the flood of Parliament that the person behind her woes is the one responsible for Nebanda’s death.

Speaking during a session on Tuesday evening after several legislators, sought for protection after facing death threats from unknown persons, Nantaba revealed that she had been called by Nebanda’s mother to inform her of a plot to have her eliminated.

“I received a phone call from Cerinah Nebanda’s mother. She told me honorable, you are going to be killed by the same person who killed my daughter. I was shocked because I didn’t know where she had got my number,” Nantaba told parliament on Tuesday evening.

“She told me I should go to her to get the details about the plot. I didn’t take it seriously but shared it with somebody. I told her I would still come and get more information but didn’t go there. Little did I know that she meant.”

Ssebulime saga

Nantaba insisted that it is the same person who was behind the Ronald Ssebulime saga in which she survived death by a whisker last year.

 On March 24,2019 Nantaba, who was driving her official car along the  Kayunga Road, accused some people riding on a motorbike of trailing her prompting her to report the matter to Naggalama police.

In the ensuing pursuit by a police patrol vehicle, Ssebulime was subsequently arrested but unfortunately shot dead by police while already in handcuffs.

Investigations would later find out that the deceased, a welder was riding to his daughters’ school for visitation.

Police later admitted there was a mistake and several police officers who were on the patrol vehicle were later arrested and are currently battling with murder charges in court.

On Tuesday, Nantaba rubbished the police narrative of the events on the fateful day, insisting that Ssebulime wanted to finish her off and that he was killed deliberately by police with their “own motives.”

“This man who was on the bike didn’t have a bag. Where they got a bag that had food I don’t know.  How did Police come up with a bag of food and that the man was going to the school for his children. Because I was told to be silent in my home, for them they were playing with the media to hoodwink the public to think it was an innocent man going to school to visit his children. If he was innocent, why did they kill him?” Nantaba wondered.

She added, “The killers are from police and other security organs. The killer is not anybody from outside. They should stop saying anything like it is the ADF because the killers are within. But because they have the media, they play with the minds of Ugandans.”

He insisted that reports about several high profile killings including one for AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu, ASP Muhammad Kirumira and Col. Ibrahim Abiriga should be made public for everyone to see with their own eyes.

Nantaba blasted the State Minister for Internal Affairs; Obiga Kania for not prevailing over the police as they “fed the public with lies” in regards to the matter.

“Let me appreciate the Speaker (Rebecca Kadaga). I share sincere appreciation to you for the moral support you have accorded me during the last nine months. Thank you for extending my holiday so that I heal from the trauma,”Nantaba said.

Nantaba last year claimed that a powerful army general who is close to Museveni but she didn't name was behind her woes.

It is, however, difficult to know whether it is a change of statements from the Kayunga legislator about the person behind her alleged woes since she has never mentioned any name but only uses parables to name her alleged tormentors.

Security comments

However, when contacted for a comment, the army spokesperson, Brig. Richard Karemire referred this website to police.

“The matters being raised have been handled by colleagues in the Uganda Police Force. Any information of value to the investigations should directly be shared with them,” Brig. Karemire told this website.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said all parliamentary Police business is handled by the Internal Affairs Minister or the Prime Minister, who is the leader of government business.

“However, these are serious allegations that cannot be taken lightly. As the fourth estate you need to task the Hon into substantiating her claims with supportive evidence which can be investigated by the CID or other investigative agencies,” Enanga told the Nile Post.

He however insisted that the Internal Affairs Minister or Prime Minister are the only people to respond to any matter made on the floor of parliament.

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