Minister Mbayo gives 65 cars to RDCs from different regions

The Minister for Presidency, Esther Mbayo has given out 65 cars to Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) from different regions to improve on service delivery.

The RDCs who received the cars on Thursday constitute 50% of the total number of Resident District Commissioners currently deployed in the country.

Mbayo tasked the RDCs to use the cars to promote government programmes and sell the government ideology in their respective districts.

The double cabin pick-ups were handed over to them at at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Thursday in Kampala.

"I don’t want a situation to happen like in Bushenyi district where government invested in a fish hatchery but it has never taken off. I attribute this to poor monitoring by the RDCS,"she said.

She explained that it is the role of RDCs as representatives of the president and the government to monitor all the government projects in their respective districts.

"In case there are any hurdles you need to communicate to your superiors so that the challenges that are failing the effective implementation of such projects are solved,"she said.

She said whereas government has its primary role of building infrastructure, maintaining peace and stability among others, the citizen ought to work on their own towards improving their individual income and livelihood.

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