We will not bury, says family of man shot along expressway


The family of Joshua Rushegyera Nteireho, who was shot dead along the Entebbe expressway on Thursday night, have disagreed on where to bury the deceased.

According to a statement from Martin Rushegyera, who claims to be the heir of the Rushegyera family, they had organized to bury the deceased near his father’s grave in Rwenjeru, Bushenyi District or in Kashari, Mbabara District, where their mother is resting.

However, the program was allegedly hijacked by powerful relatives on the mother’s side who dictated that the burial would be in Kazo, Kiruhura.

“We are disheartened that some people so powerful on your late mother's side have dictated to bury your remains at your maternal Uncle's place in Kazo in total disregard our linage and ancestry customs,” Rushengyera states.

“This is a very big embarrassment and disappointment not only to the Rushegyera Family, but to the people of Kasharari, Rwenjeru and Bushenyi District, and the Basingo Clan,” he adds.

According to the Rushengeyera family, therefore, they will not attend the burial of Joshua Nteireho if it proceeds in Kazo.

“We have therefore as a family resolved not to go to Kazo for burial, but wish our son and brother an eternal rest.”


Joshua Nteireho’s family is resident in Bushenyi, however, the deceased accordingly had ties with the first family, being a business partner and nephew of Michael Nuwagira alias Toyota Museveni, who is also President Museveni’s younger brother.

Nile Post can not independently confirm the allegations, but a few social media posts from the deceased show several photos of him and Toyota Museveni, whom he openly refers to as a handsome uncle and business partner in different captions.

Nteireho, a businessman, was shot together with a one Merina Tumukunde along the expressway on Thursday night.



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