Museveni: Uganda is safest place to invest your money

Uganda is the safest place for any investor to inject their money and offers immense business opportunities, President Museveni has said.

“If there is a place where you can easily make money, it is Uganda. The place is secure. That is why we host 1.4 million refugees from the neighboring countries," he said.

The President made the remarks last evening (Wednesday) at a dinner he jointly hosted with the First Lady, Janet, for the business community at Westin Hotel in Cape Town.

Museveni is in South Africa to take part in the World Economic Forum on Africa, which is running under the theme "Shaping Inclusive Growth and Shared Futures in the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

At the dinner, President Museveni highlighted three major aspects of doing business; production of goods and services, the market for those goods and services and infrastructure to facilitate to link the producer to the market.

The NRM government, said the President, had put in place enabling infrastructure to facilitate production of goods and services, adding that it had greatly lowered the cost of doing business.

The President said Uganda's population and hence market was growing, the country has an array of available and affordable raw materials, affordable and now surplus electricity, functional Internet services and other amenities like piped water.

He urged the investors to seek opportunities in agro-processing, infrastructure, mineral extraction and tourism among other openings.

Addressing the gathering, the First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, said the country is focusing on skilling the youth to enable them to compete favorably in the job market.

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