People behind assassination of prominent government officials are within us - Minister Nantaba

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The State Minister for ICT, Aidah Nantaba has said she has survived so many assassinations in her life but noted that people behind the wave of assassinations on prominent people are within government.

Police last month responded to an alert by Nantaba of suspicious people riding on a motorbike who were following her vehicle with intentions of killing her.

Police would later alert its 999 patrol vehicles, one of which shoot dead Ronald Ssebulime who was riding a motorbike but it later turned out the father of four was unarmed and seemingly had lost his way.

As events unfolded later, it was found out that Ssebulime was only looking for directions to his children’s school and was never armed like the minister told police.

However, while speaking during a thanksgiving ceremony at her home in Kayunga district, Nantaba said it is appalling that the person who ordered the killing of Ssebulime, a suspect who had been arrested and was handcuffed has never been brought to book.

“I know Ssebulime had come to kill me and I insist on that. Kirumira and many others said they would be killed but it all came to pass without anyone caring,”Nantaba said as she made bold revelations.

“Why has it taken more than a month to know who ordered the police officer to kill Ssebulime? Is he above the law? Why can’t they reveal him?”

The junior ICT wondered why there have never been any convictions in regards the wave of murders of prominent persons including Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Col.Abiriga and ASP Muhammad Kirumira.

Efforts by several government officials including the state minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda to ask Nantaba to refrain from making candid remarks fell on deaf ears and to loud cheers from her supporters.

“Kirumira said even if you speak or keep quiet, you die. Let me say it now that I am not safe. There are things I don’t want to die without saying. I wanted to drag police to court but I was stopped that I would embarrass government,” she said.

“Kirumira and Abiriga have all been killed but no one has been convicted over the same. What happens is that security hurriedly arrests people and after a few days they are released. This simply means the person behind the assassinations is within.”

Nantaba however later agreed not to “dig deep” into matters adding that it would cause problems to her fellow government officials at the function.

The public will wait to see how security will react to the candid remarks by the ICT Minister accusing her fellow officials in government for being behind the wave of assassinations.







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