FDC delegates vote in crucial election

At least 1000 delegates at the FDC delegates conference in Namboole stadium are currently casting their ballot in an election to choose the party president.

Voting started at 1.00pm after the candidates had been given time to make last minute pitch to the delegates.

The election and the conference has so far been smooth with no major incident of violence.

The main contest is between Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the incumbent and Partick Oboi Amuriat.

The two embody different political styles with Muntu being moderate while Amuria is a radical.

Before the election Muntu and Amuriat made last minute attempts to woo delegates.

Muntu told the delegates that he wants to build an institution that supersedes individuals while Amuriat said if elected, he will strengthen the structures of defiance within the party.


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