Court issues criminal summons for Frank Gashumba

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Buganda road court has issued criminal summons to city businessman Frank Gashumba after he arrived at court at 9:30am long after his case was adjourned.

Gashumba told journalists outside court that he was not feeling well and that there was a lot of traffic jam on his way to court.

Grade one Magistrate Samuel Kagoda  asked Gashumba's co-accused persons to come back on December 11 since both the trial Chief magistrate James Eremye Mawanda and the Prosecutors were indisposed.

Gashumba and his brother Innocent Kasumba are facing charges of  impersonation, forgery and being in possession of narcotics.

They are also jointly charged with a Tour and travel guide officer from MJ Safaris company, Ismail Kiyingi.

Prosecution alleges that the trio falsely presented themselves as officials from the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs in order to obtain money from two Dutch nationals under the guise of offering them contracts to supply trucks , troop carriers, water tanks , and heavy machines among other items to Ministry of Defence.

They also face charges of being in possession of suspected marijuana, a drug whose consumption in Uganda is banned.

In other counts, both Gashumba and Kasumba are said to have forged Identification cards of  Ministry of Defence officials in the names of; Col. Francis Okello, the Director Logistics and Dr John Mwine, the Director Procurement respectively; which forged IDs they allegedly showed to the two Dutch nationals.

They are also accused of forgery of several stamps of the Republic of  South Sudanese ministries including, Agriculture, health, Education, Finance and Transport.


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