Mothers dying in droves due to lack of ambulances in Bukwo


Women in Bukwo district have called for improved road network and more ambulances for increased access to  reproductive, maternal and new born health care.

The mothers revealed that they still have challenges accessing the services due to the difficult terrain.

This was in response to a campaign by White Ribbon Alliance for safe motherhood dubbed “what women want.”

Despite government intervention through provision of health facilities, access to health services remains a challange due to difficult terrain, Araptai Carolin, one of the mothers explains.

This is further worsenned by too few ambulances in the district which has seen mothers suffer while others die in the course of delivery.

Caroline Chemutai says, "Women face a challenge because during delivery because we only have one ambulance which is stationed at the district, women in distant health facilities end up dying on their way to the district hospital."

They have also called for an end on FGM due to the health challenges that it brings to women. The vice is reported to be more dominant among married women who are reportedly compelled by their spouses to undergo it.

All these revelations were made during a campaign by White Ribbon Alliance for safe motherhood dubbed "what women want". The campaign is aimed at advancing the advocacy agenda for quality health for girls and  women by seeking the views of the necessary improvements.

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